FAQ for Employers

  • What is Jobly?

    Jobly is a job board and online recruitment agency. We offer premium job posts with extensive features and an industry leading recruitment service. By consolidating our job board and recruitment agency, we make it easy for Employers to take care of all of their hiring needs in one place. This both streamlines employer hiring processes and provides more opportunity to job seekers as our recruitment team also creates job postings internally for our open positions.

  • What makes you different?

    Jobly was born out of a desire to create something better. Frustrated with the great expense, lacking customer service and features of other job boards, we thought it was time to make a change. We currently have and are developing functionality no other job site has. In addition, offering an internal recruitment team provides HUGE value. As we are based online, we’re able to dramatically reduce our overhead costs and in-turn, pass those savings on to you! With our large network of professionals, we can virtually hire for any position, globally!

  • How can Jobly help my business?

    Are you interested in saving time and money? Everything about our website is DESIGNED to provide you with the necessary tools to source, screen and hire candidates. Our feature-rich job board and job seeker user profiles make it simple to receive applications from highly qualified professionals. You can then discover their qualifications and quickly narrow down your candidate pool, greatly reducing time to hire.

  • What are “premium” job postings?

    You may think premium means expensive. However, we strive to be affordable and even offer subsidies for small businesses. We are “premium” in that we provide extensive features that most other sites don’t.

  • What benefits do paid accounts offer?

    Paid accounts offer great cost savings, especially for companies that hire regularly. You also get access to our resume database and the other features respective of your membership level. As we are constantly updating our list of features and improving our service, you can see a full breakdown of the membership levels on our job posting page.

  • How do you recruit candidates?

    We use a combination of different platforms to find candidates, including: our job board, social media sites, and personal networking. Of course, there are other avenues that we utilize… However, we are not at liberty to discuss these methods or tactics publicly. Jobly allows us to access many job seekers that other recruiters would often overlook or simply not have access to. For high level, executive positions, we coordinate efforts to maintain an exclusive, private network.

  • How does your recruitment team interview candidates?

    We conduct interviews primarily through video conferencing. Our team provides preliminary interviews before coordinating interviews between the candidates and your internal team. We can be present in your conference if requested. In addition, if your company is hiring for an executive level position, we can arrange in-person interviews internationally. We require at the minimum 3 business days advance notice and covered travel expenses in order to provide this service.

  • What do you charge?

    Currently, job posts maintain a price, varying by account. Cost per individual post: $299.99 with a free account, $249.99 with a small business account, and $199.99 with a business pro account. Monthly cost for our membership is: Free, $49.99 and $99.99 for the free account, small business account, and business pro accounts respectively. Cost for job postings and membership is subject to change at any time.

    Our cost for recruitment varies by project. Depending on the type of recruitment we are conducting (temp. or permanent placement), we charge from 15-25% of the hourly wage or first year of their yearly salary. Businesses interested in conducting on-going recruitment and/or large projects will qualify for reduced rates. Our service charge is subject to change at any time.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

    We created a program for small businesses designed to offer subsidized job postings. More-over, we often run promotions that you can take advantage of. However, we don’t explicitly offer discounts outside of the aforementioned. Reduced job posting prices are offered with paid accounts; and businesses conducting on-going recruitment and/or large projects will qualify for reduced rates.

FAQ for Job Seekers

  • Do I have to pay to use the site?

    No. Every feature and tool on our site is free to use. You will never have to pay to apply to posted jobs, upload your resume or utilize our free resources and blog.

  • How do I find work?

    As a job seeker, you have many opportunities at Jobly to find work. We suggest first uploading your resume to our database. This will make applying to jobs easier. In addition, Jobly, as well as other employers, search the resume database to find qualified candidates. If your skills are in high-demand, you may be solicited for jobs without doing anything, other than uploading your resume.

  • Can you help me find a job?

    You can find some of our FREE resources on our: Finding Work and Resume Building pages. If you are looking for extra help from our team, we offer professional resume writing and interview coaching services.

  • What about executive positions?

    We understand that as a high-level professional, you most likely do not want to use our public job board nor upload your resume to our database. We operate with the utmost privacy when dealing with executives, CEO’s etc. Simply contact us and we will discuss with you our current opportunities.